Tuesday, October 26, 2010

**Good Reads** – Etsy Sellers, You May Find These Useful

Hel-lo, everyone!
Wahooo... Monday is here again! Hope you had a good weekend!
Here are some good reads I found last week. Not all of them are the latest, but just in case you missed them earlier (like I did), check them out!

1. How to Make a Facebook Fan Page: Ultimate Guide
2. Branding by Ittybiz.com
3. Tips for Selling Online by Mayi Carles on the Papernstich blog
4. Promoting Your Business (Tastefully) Online by Grace of Design Sponge
5. Beginners Guide to SEO - I got this link from a Virtual Lab session. Haven't actually read it, but it looks pretty comprehensive!

Got a good link to share? Do share in the comments section :)

You know, October isn't even over, but I'm already in the Christmas mood...
Have a wonderful first-working-day-of-the-week!


Christie Cottage said...

Good morning!

Stop by my blog for a great way to get promoted today!


Sarah B. said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm especially excited about number 1 and 4! :)

Jacqueline Gikow said...

Great links. You should read the SEO post. It's awesome and really puts SEO in easy terminology. I bought the SEO guide and it's hard to do, but the guide really gave me some good hints that helped my listings.