Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Things I Loved About Beijing

1. Watching the way people live: bicycles, late nights, mahjong, toy dogs & pet birds, tai chi in the park, calligraphy on the sidewalks

2. Learning the meanings behind the symbolism and “lucky” numbers

3. Big, open spaces

4. Yashou “fake” clothing market

5. Yogurt

6. The highly efficient subway system (and how they had murals about the location at every metro station)

(This was at the Beijing Zoo station)

7. Beautiful, lovely picturesque parks with those dreamy willow trees

8. Art in every form, in every place: architecture, sculpture....

9. Fresh peaches that were in season

10. Tobogganing down the Great Wall (yes, you can do that... and even take a cable car up!)


Meeling said...

What a fantastic holiday you had. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. :-)

April said...

Looks amazing...now I wanna go.

Megana Roopreddy said...

I love your pictures, They're so different and really give you a feel for the region.