Monday, October 18, 2010

**Good Reads** – Etsy Sellers, You May Find These Useful

Etsy Holiday Bootcamp - are you doing it?
Sounds like it’s helping many sellers keep on track! :)

Although I’m not officially taking part in it, I’ve found the Reading Lists very helpful and practical. If you haven't already, its definitely worth checking out.

Apart from Etsy’s recommendations, here are a couple more blog posts/ articles that I've read recently and found useful:

1. Danielle’s take on making FP worthy treasuries
2. SEO Optimization Tips for Etsy Shop Owners by Kelly of Wave of Life Surf Studio
3. Sarah B.’s post on Etsypreuner
4. "Buy Handmade" Doesn't Work by Tara Gentile (Scoutie Girl)
5. Crafty Connections- more helpful links compiled by April

Have you read them before?
If not, I hope you’re able to glean some good stuff from them!
If so, which did you find most helpful?

Happy Monday!!!


Galit said...

These are great!
I love reading Etsy's articles and posts which I find so inspiring and encourging. Thanks for sharing!

Christie Cottage said...

I have not read these, but will stop by later in the day when I have time to read and see if there's anything I can use. Meanwhile, Come join in today


Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Thanks for the list! I haven't read them but will definitely do so now! Adorable blog! Your photography is just stunning!

Christine Peh said...

Galit: So do I! Glad you like it!

Christie Cottage: Great! I hope you manage to find something useful!

Lindsay: Thanks for stopping by & following my blog! I'm so glad you like my photos :) Hope you find something good from the links!

Southern Belle said...

Going to have to check out those links. Thanks for sharing!